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SV Delos is a sailing boat, bought by captain Breeyawn in 2008, that has taken its crew to 45 countries, clocking up over 70,000 ocean miles. The crew’s core is made up of captain Breeyawn, Brady who joined in Mexico and Karin who joined in New Zealand, although many people join the boat for periods of its journey.

Aboard SV Delos, the crew documents their journey through videos which help to fund the costs of the boat.

Why Transporter Energy?

Always looking to live and travel as environmentally friendly as possible, SV Delos can use Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries to produce a virtually limitless green energy source. The Transporter Energy Pod also means that cooking in the SV Delos is cooler and safer, while still allowing the crew to cook up a feast wherever they travel.

Captain Breeyawn commented, “No more hunting around random countries seeking out propane refills and different tank adapters at every port. Not having to store a highly flammable gas onboard is a really big deal.”

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A limitless green energy source

The solution

Due to the increase of power from the Transporter Energy batteries, the need for gas has been eliminated, making the SV Delos boat able to become the first ever gas free sailing boat. The boat has had a lithium bank, induction hob and electric BBQ fitted, meaning they’ve reduced the risk of explosion and poisoning onboard. You can find out more about Transporter Energy and SV Delos here.

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