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A lithium-iron battery by Transporter Energy A lithium-iron battery by Transporter Energy

A trip across the ocean... twice

A trip across the ocean... twice

Four rowers, three charities, two oceans, one year – the Monkey Fist Adventures’ 2020 Brain Waves challenge. With this unbelievably demanding and testing challenge Monkey Fist Adventures is raising money and awareness for three deserving charities: European Parkinson’s Disease Association, Combat Stress - a charity for veterans with mental health, and RAFT - Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust.

(All images courtesy of Adrian Scarbrough Photography)

The mission, which set off on January 5th 2020 from Lanzarote on the 3,200 mile crossing across the Atlantic towards Antigua, however doesn’t stop just at its money raising factors. It is also going for two incredible world firsts; the first female to row across two oceans in the same year, and the first female to row non-stop, continent to continent between Australia and Africa.

Each crossing is made up of four crew rowing members; Billy Taylor and Alex Mason will be there for both, joined by Scott Butler and Liz Dennett, who has young onset Parkinson’s disease, on the Atlantic Ocean crossing and then John Haskell, who has PTSD, and Rachel Hearn for the Indian Ocean. In awe of such a trip, numerous companies have stepped forward to support the Brain Waves challenge, including Transporter Energy to help power the boat whilst it raises vital funds and awareness for each charity.

Transporter Energy’s partnership to Monkey Fist Adventures’ Brain Waves challenge comes in the form of a two lithium iron phosphate batteries and integrated solar panels. These batteries will make the trip both more practical and safer and will be used to run all the vital equipment on the boat consistently throughout the entire trip; this includes radios and communications, navigation, lights and the ability to create blogs for followers of the mission.

Compared to the lead acid batteries previously used by the team, these pioneering batteries provide double the power and also save approximately 20kg of weight allowing for more vital equipment and food to be carried, a crucial factor when out at sea. What’s more, each 1kg of weight dropped, saves approximately one day of rowing due to the water level lowering on the boat.

Speaking on the significance of this challenge, Billy Hayes, who is leading the ground team and social media channels throughout, commented, “For even the hardiest of souls, this would be a phenomenal challenge, and that is where the Brain Waves challenge turns from amazing to phenomenal. “They will then ship the boat directly to Australia where they will once again push off, rowing in the same shift pattern all the way across the Indian ocean to Mombasa in Kenya. No-one in the world has ever rowed non-stop from mainland Australia to mainland Africa, let alone attempt to do two oceans in one year. A phenomenal expedition,” he added.

Rob Matthews, Director of Transporter Energy, commented, “We’re proud to be able to get involved and support this challenge for three great causes, all of which are more than deserving of the money and awareness this will provide for them.

“It is also a huge pleasure to be able to support, and hopefully make this challenge slightly more comfortable for those involved. Who quite frankly are doing something incredibly demanding on their bodies that most of us could never even dream of achieving,” added Rob.

You can find out more about Monkey Fist Adventures here.

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