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Boat show, Southampton,

(image courtesy of British Marine)

Southampton International Boat Show

Look out for the Transporter Energy stand

Monday 1st September, 2019

Look out for the Transporter Energy stand at the Southampton International Boat Show from the 13th to the 22nd of September 2019 on stand J184 in the Ocean Hall. If you are visiting the show, come and visit us to see our lithium-iron phosphate batteries firsthand and to discuss their uses onboard your vessel. Throughout the show we will be showcasing an eco-friendly fully lithium iron phosphate powered demonstration houseboat by Marina Boats in collaboration with Gecko Energy.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are ideal for marine applications thanks to their enhanced safety and construction; with no dangerous gases or acid to leak they are well suited to long term voyages, plus their lightweight construction saves valuable space on board.

Visit Transporter Energy on stand J184 in Ocean Hall for more information on our reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries and to learn more about our partners within the marine sector.

You can find out more about Marina Boats by visiting them on stand M011 at the Southampton Boat Show (outside in the marina), or by visiting their website.

Plus, for fans of the SV Delos sailing boat powered by Transporter Energy’s lithium iron batteries, you can meet Captain Brian at the Southampton Boat Show on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September. Brian will be discussing their expedition to Svalbard on their Transporter Energy powered boat, as well as funding the boat and crew when out at sea through social media. They are offering a fantastic two for £27 deal on tickets for the show when you use the code SVD27, which is a huge saving of around £70. Be quick though – offer ends Thursday 12th September and there is only a limited supply of tickets available. We look forward to seeing you there!

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From Scotland to Africa, Van,
From Scotland to Africa, Battery,

A silent festival solution Transporter Energy is powering festivals with silent green power

Transporter Energy is powering festivals with silent green power

Thursday 07th August, 2019

Transporter Energy has teamed up with East Staging, a partner of Bose, to power concerts, festivals and a range of other events with their silent green energy

East Staging, a company supplying sound equipment, stage hire, PA line array and other equipment for corporate events, fashion shows, festivals and more, has chosen Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries to power its huge multi TV flat screen displays.

Previously these screens, comprised of 32 linked flat screen TVs, have been powered by large generators which required untold amounts of fuel and produced a lot of noise whilst also requiring constant monitoring in case of overheating and requiring to be refuelled. Now with Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries, the screens produce no noise and require no fuel, maintenance or monitoring once set up. Additionally, with lithium-ion batteries the screens can be linked to some portable solar panels for extended periods of use.

As well as allowing East Staging to use green energy for the power supply to its flat screen displays, Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries completely reduce the risk of any overheating or engine failure, and have an extremely fast ability to recharge to keep the screens running for optimum time, and have the ability to run completely flat and still recharge, among other benefits.

“We’re overwhelmed by the power we now have at our disposal. It really has enabled us to set out on a self-sustaining, unassisted and independent journey,” added Lisa.

Find out more about East Staging here .

From Scotland to Africa, Van,
From Scotland to Africa, Battery,

From Scotland to South Africa and Beyond

Lithium-Ion Powering a Four Wheeled Journey Across the World

Thursday 18th July, 2019

In a promising new kit sponsorship deal, Transporter Energy will be supporting Four Wheeled Nomad, two content creators who are location independent on their latest adventure called The Mega Transect. Transporter Energy has supplied lithium-ion batteries for the vehicle, a 2015 Toyota Hilux, affectionately called White Rhino, in the all-terrain Cape to Cape venture across the globe starting in the UK through Europe and down the African continent.

Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford, the two adventurers behind Four Wheeled Nomad are media professionals; Lisa is a travel writer whilst Jason is a photographer, filmmaker and commercial drone pilot. But what makes these two unique is that they are always on location and travelling from one unique place to the next. This started on two dual sports motorcycles, when the couple branded themselves as Two Wheeled Nomad, and from 2014 to 2018 rode over 80,000 miles from Antarctica to the Artic whilst writing inspiring content and photographing the unbelievable sights along the way.

In Spring this year (2019), the duo embarked on The Mega Transect in their first 4WD. This is where Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries have joined to make the journey a reliable one with no worries about power. Transporter’s lithium-ion batteries will assist in the trip starting in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, expanding across Europe and Scandinavia to visit Germany, Sweden and Iceland among other countries, before heading down to explore the African continent and ending up in South Africa. The trip will involve travelling through every weather condition imaginable, from ice and snow to blazing heats, as well as involve navigating across some very challenging terrains such as dirt tracks, rocks, snow and ice.

Lisa commented, “Because of Transporter Energy’s unbelievable support we have the power to keep all of our smartphones, laptops, USB devices, drone batteries and more fully charged, which previously has been a huge struggle.

“We’re overwhelmed by the power we now have at our disposal. It really has enabled us to set out on a self-sustaining, unassisted and independent journey,” added Lisa.

With 20x faster charging, 10x more life and 200% longer power than traditional leisure batteries, these Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries allow for complete confidence from the Four Wheeled Nomad team in their power supplies and its reliability.

These pioneering batteries are also much safer compared to their lead acid alternatives. Lithium-ion phosphate batteries completely eliminate the risk of overheating and explosions which would be catastrophic in the White Rhino, especially in such secluded spots away from home.

What’s more, Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries provide green power and each battery is 100% recyclable, allowing Lisa and Jason to protect the environment they’re travelling through which is essential on such a far-out journey.

Rob Matthews, director of Transporter Energy, commented on the sponsorship, “We’re always looking for new sponsorship and partnership opportunities and when we heard about Four Wheeled Nomad it really was the perfect partnership.

“Our lithium-ion leisure batteries are designed to last much longer than traditional batteries and provide ample power for this type of adventure, so this really gives them chance to prove themselves.

“Here at Transporter Energy we’re excited to watch the challenging journey progress and show just how well our batteries deliver in these remote environments,” added Rob.

You can follow the adventures of Four Wheeled Nomad on Instagram and Facebook

Exxpedition around the world

Transporter Energy powering against the plastic problem

eXXpedition Around the World

Tuesday 25th June, 2019

With such a large presence of single-use plastic issues in the world’s media, Transporter Energy is delighted to be sponsoring a pioneering movement into raising awareness of these ever-growing devastating problems.

Transporter Energy has embarked on a sponsorship partnership with Emily Penn on her challenging eXXpedition all geared towards raising awareness of the dreadful impacts of single use plastic.

Emily’s eXXpedition is a run of all-female sailing voyages across the world, geared towards raising awareness of, and solutions for, the devastating environmental and health impacts of single-use plastic and toxins in the oceans.

As a company, Transporter Energy is committed to reducing its use of single use plastic to improve and retain the quality of our planet and oceans. Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries are 100% recyclable and customers can return them free of charge to be recycled and help to preserve the wonderful wildlife for future generations. That’s why, this sponsorship of Emily’s pioneering eXXpedition is naturally a great opportunity and aligns with Transporter Energy and its lithium-ion batteries.

Transporter Energy will be sponsoring Emily’s vessel for the 2019 - 2021 eXXpedition around the world. This vital sponsorship will allow Emily to be completely focussed on the task at hand whilst being confident in the reliability of her boat, thanks to the supreme lithium-ion batteries.

For such an adventurous voyage it is essential that Emily has the highest level and most reliable power source equipment available. The lithium-ion batteries are extremely lightweight at just 13KG, a vital component for such a demanding journey, and also much safer than lead acid batteries with no risk of explosion or overcharging, a potential catastrophic issue out at seas.

Emily is co-founder of eXXpedition which was originally started in 2014 and has been focussed on its mission to raise awareness of single-use plastic and its impact on women’s health ever-since. The eXXpedition around the world voyage is set to run from October 2019 until September 2021 with 30 voyages and 300 women all covering over 38,000 nautical miles; exploring the plastics and toxins in our oceans, along with the overwhelming health impacts they are having.

The team at Transporter Energy is thrilled to be able to support such a vital eXXpedition with its market leading lithium-ion leisure batteries and is looking forward to following the news and findings as the eXXpedition moves through the 38 locations.

Find out more about the eXXpedition here

East Staging festival company

Make some noise

That sounds like the perfect power solution!

Monday 4th March, 2019

Transporter Energy is working with events and festival company, East Staging, to provide a clean, silent alternative to noisy, polluting generators.

Eight lithium-ion batteries stored in a protective container will be used as a portable power source at future events.

The battery bank will provide power for the company’s awesome Bose sound systems, as well as TV screens and other auxiliary power needs.

This system solves a number of issues usually associated with traditional petrol- or diesel-powered generators. As well as completely eliminating running noise and exhaust fumes, there is no difficulty in starting the unit, no need to refuel and no maintenance. This means that as well as reducing the impact on the local environment, it takes much less manpower to operate.

Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries are proving the perfect solution for the company as they provide clean, silent power, which is perfect for the sort of events hosted by East Staging. As well as festivals and large-scale outdoor events, the batteries will be used to provide power at weddings in marquees for lighting, music systems and bars; the last place you would want a noisy generator throwing out fumes.

Because lithium-ion batteries can provide up to 4 times the power output of traditional lead acid batteries, this is now and effective and sustainable way to manage power supply needs in any environment.

Arctic expedition

Ice and easy

Transporter Energy powers arctic expeditions

Friday 1st March, 2019

When your life literally depends on your equipment, you have to choose the most reliable option.

No one knows that better than David Scott Cowper – the renowned British yachtsman who was the first man to sail solo around the world in both directions and was also the first to successfully sail around the world via the Northwest Passage single-handed.

He is currently in the process of overhauling his boat – the Polar Bound - and it was while at the Southampton Boat Show in September 2018 that he first met the team from Transporter Energy. He has spent some considerable time sourcing the best power sources for his expeditions and we are delighted to say that after his extensive research he has chosen Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries.

The Polar Bound is a self-righting, ice-class, 48ft aluminium boat built by New Century Marine of Rosneath in Scotland. It is this vessel in which David has completed three of his six circumnavigations, including via the Hecla and Fury Straits; the first time this passage has been navigated since its discovery in 1822.

David said of his choice to use Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries, that it was essential to find the right power sources as he can be in the arctic for months at a time, and an equipment failure could have catastrophic consequences and quite simply ‘my life depends on my equipment choice.’ Reliability and efficiency are paramount, and Transport energy batteries met his exacting standards in both of these areas.

Furthermore, the batteries are lightweight – up to 60% lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries; that is a significant factor onboard any vessel, let alone one travelling in such demanding environments.

The rugged, fully sealed units are durable and have a life expectancy of around 15 years, or 5000 discharge cycles.

The team at Transporter Energy are thrilled that David has selected our lithium-ion batteries above anything else available on the market and can’t wait to hear more details about his forthcoming expeditions.

Caravan and Motorhome Club Magazine - October 2018; What, no gas?

Caravan and Motorhome Club Magazine

What, no gas?

Wednesday 27th February, 2019

Caravan and Motorhome Club took a fully electric, gas-free prototype vehicle to show the amazing power of the Transporter Energy battery.

Gary Martin from the Caravan and Motorhome Club magazine took a specially converted Transporter Energy motorhome complete with lithium-ion battery array and Transporter energy pod for a spin.

The potential to travel completely off-grid without giving up any creature comforts is an increasingly appealing option. Read more about the benefits he discovered (including a tasty barbecued burger).

Read the feature
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Edinburgh Premier Inn becomes first battery-powered hotel in UK

Monday 7th January, 2019

We love a story that demonstrates the power of lithium-ion (even when the batteries in question are not from Transporter Energy!)

A Premier Inn in Edinburgh has become the first hotel in the UK to be powered by battery, saving them up to £20,00 per year and reducing their carbon footprint. Discover the whole story here

Nordhavn Yachts

A mast-have

Rave reviews from Nordhavn Yachts

Thursday 27th September, 2018

Whilst at the Southampton Boat Show, Dan Streech of Nordhavn came to visit our stand. Nordhavn Yachts offer trawler-style motor yachts, with exceptional designer interiors and a fantastic reputation as blue water boats.

Based in California, Dan has been dealing with our USA manufacturer and CEO direct, and has been discussing how much he loves our lithium batteries that he is having them fitted into his own RV.

Along with this, Dan has commented on these batteries on multiple blog posts and has demonstrated just how light our batteries really are on our stand at the Boat Show, weighing in at just 13kg! If you'd like to find out more, you can vist Nordvahn Yachts here.