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Benefits of Transporter Energy lithium iron batteries Benefits of Transporter Energy lithium iron batteries

The future of power is here

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for greener energy

Why Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries work for you

Reliable, powerful, flexible and fantastic value.

Usable energy in lead acid vs. Transporter Energy lithium-iron batteries

Unmatchable performance

Transporter Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFeO4) have an exceptional depth of discharge, with 80-100% usable energy per cycle – that’s up to 50% more usable capacity than some lead acid batteries. What’s more the power is consistent throughout the discharge; voltage doesn’t drop as it does with traditional batteries. There’s no loss of performance for up to 5,000 80% discharge cycles, so you receive optimum power for longer.

Battery comparison

Great features, great product!


  • Usable Capacity
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Origin
  • Built in Battery Management System
  • Lifetime Capacity
  • Upfront Cost inc VAT
  • Cost/Ah

Market Leading 110AH AGM

  • 55Ah
  • 32kg
  • 2 years
  • China
  • No
  • 49,500Ah
  • £300
  • 0.90p

Market Leading 110AH Lead Acid

  • 55Ah
  • 26kg
  • 3 years
  • China
  • No
  • 24,000Ah
  • £150
  • 0.60p

Transporter Energy 100Ah

  • 97Ah
  • 13.1kg
  • 10 years
  • Made in the USA
  • Yes
  • 400,000Ah
  • £1,199
  • 0.29p
CE logo

CE approved

Widely known as an indication of safety, Transporter Energy batteries are the only LiFeO4 batteries with CE approval in the UK and Europe.

Safety and quality have always been our top priorities, and rigorous research and testing is carried out to ensure our products always reach the highest possible standards. Our CE mark demonstrates our conformity with strict health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Intertek approved

While most manufacturers certify their own product, Intertek is the only independent testing house, meaning that Transporter Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeO4) batteries have been strictly tested by a trustworthy authority.

Our battery is the only LiFeO4 battery to have passed Intertek’s highest assessment first time, a standard which demonstrates it is safe enough to be transported by plane; a rare honour indeed. Their test course also tests aspects such as battery temperature and life span to ensure the utmost safety and durability over time.

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The future of energy storage has arrived.


The only lithium iron phosphate battery

CE and Intertek approved in the UK

Significant advances in battery technology are changing the way people think about portable power. Transporter Energy lithium iron phosphate industrial batteries are the safe, reliable and efficient way to power your leisure time, from motorhomes and boats to golf buggies and horseboxes.

Extensive research and testing ensures our products achieve the highest levels of safety and consumer confidence.

If you have any doubts about your battery capacity, size, compatibility or more, please contact us or call on 01159 303 140 . Transporter Energy will not take responsibility for our batteries being ordered and turning out incompatible.

Extensive research and testing ensures our products achieve the highest levels of safety and consumer confidence.

Charge Cycles

To match the amount of charge cycles from lead to lithium you need a lot of batteries.

What is a charge cycle? A charge cycle is the process of charge and discharging a battery. The term is typically used to specify a battery's expected life

100% use for longer

Flexible and dynamic

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can discharge almost 100% of their power without suffering any loss of efficiency, giving you up to 50% more usable power than a traditional battery. Less time spent charging means more time doing the things you love.

And Transporter Energy batteries will still be going strong, even after years of constant use. They retain up to 80% of their rated capacity, even after 5000 cycles; that’s a life of around 13 years...even when deep cycled every day.

Technical data
Lithium-iron vs. lead acid battery comparison chart
A lithium-iron battery by Transporter Energy

Fitting couldn’t be easier

Far superior in every way, Transporter Energy LiFeO4 batteries are a standard size and use universal connections, making swapping your old lead-acid units for your new Transporter Energy LiFeO4 battery nice and simple.

These batteries charge 20 times faster than a traditional battery and have a rugged, sealed casing makes them durable and suitable for use in a range of different environments. No maintenance is necessary and with a lifespan of up to 10 times that of a traditional battery, you really can plug in and go!

The Victron Connect power monitoring app

Power monitoring everywhere

The Victron Connect app gives you the power to monitor and configure your battery wherever you are. Get instant data from your solar charger or battery monitor including charge level, load status, battery temperature, voltage and AC output. Stay in control wherever life takes you, and configure your battery from your smartphone in just a few clicks.

The designed and assembled in USA logo

Designed and assembled in the USA

Quality is at the heart of every Transporter Energy battery. Developed, designed and manufactured in the USA, our batteries are at the forefront of this revolutionary technology. So if you are looking for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries in the UK you are in the right place.

One of the earliest adopters of LiFeO4 battery technology was NASA; thanks to their light weight, efficiency and safety, they are ideal for use in space exploration. Those same characteristics make our batteries perfect for a host of more down-to-earth applications.

A mobile leisure vehicle amongst the mountains

20x faster charging time

You don't want to spend your leisure time sitting around waiting. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can be charged up to five times faster than traditional lead acid batteries, meaning you are on the road, on the water, or on the golf course in no time at all. And what’s more, Transporter Energy batteries will hold their charge for up to a year with no detrimental effects, so you can prepare them in advance and head straight out for adventure.