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Fully electric leisure vehicles

are now a reality.

Power up with Lithium Iron batteries

Powerful, cost effective and efficient, Transporter Energy batteries are portable and up to 60% lighter than lead acid batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are ideal for a wide range of leisure applications and when used in conjunction with solar panels they can provide a virtually limitless source of green energy.

The Transporter Energy System has been designed to help you get even more from your battery by combining a range of energy efficient appliances to make your next camping trip more luxurious than ever.

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Our Transporter Energy lithium-iron battery

Single Hob

A favourite of many top chefs, induction hobs are now available on the move. The Transporter Energy System includes an induction hob to make off-grid cooking simple, speedy and safe.

This single ring hob is space-saving, versatile and practical. The stylish glass surface is easy to keep clean, and the touch sensor controls are simple to use, so creating delicious, satisfying food on the go is easy and enjoyable.

Our Single Transporter Energy induction hob as included in our Transporter Energy System

Twin Hob

Creating fantastic family food is now easier than ever. This twin induction hob combines practicality, reliability and safety in one stylishly designed package.

There are no dangerous fumes and no fire risk from naked flames, plus, the surface of the hob remains cool even immediately after cooking. The only question is, what’s cooking?

Our Twin Transporter Energy induction hob as included in our Transporter Energy System

City Grill

Originally designed for urban living, the City Grill is equally at home when you are off-grid and exploring in your motorhome. Its sleek engineering makes it virtually smokeless and therefore perfect for cold nights in your leisure vehicle.

Be sure to cook up a feast in comfort whether you’re in a hidden corner of the world or parked up on a large campsite with the smokeless, reliable and easy to use City Grill.

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The SilKEN electric BBQ as included in our Transporter Energy System

Frontier Grill

The Frontier table top grill oozes convenience, practicality and excellence. It can be used on any surface without worry of burning as the sides and base don’t emit any residual heat, yet the grill still exceeds temperatures of 280°C.

For even more practicality this grill can be used inside and outside your motorhome, making those days of cooking in a rainy, dark campsite a distant memory.

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The SilKEN electric BBQ as included in our Transporter Energy System

900W Microwave

When it comes to convenience you can’t beat a microwave for fast, nourishing food when you’re on your travels. This Greystone microwave has been designed especially for motorhomes, campers and caravans and is easy to use with 10 power levels, plus settings for a variety of foods.

With your Transporter Energy battery powering the System for up to six days, or longer if you have solar panels connected, convenient food is always available whatever your destination.

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Our Transporter Energy microwave as included in our Transporter Energy System

90L Dometic Refrigerator

Keep your cool, even if you’re camping off-grid. Market leader Dometic is known for its practical and innovative fridge designs, carefully created for leisure vehicles. The Transporter Energy System comes complete with a Dometic Coolmatic MDC 90L refrigerator.

With plenty of space for your provisions, it includes a 10l freezer compartment and interior light. Hinges and lock can be positioned on the left or right, ensuring the perfect, practical fit for your vehicle.

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The Dometic Coolmatic MDC refrigerator as included in our Transporter Energy System

Battery monitor

Complete control is right at your fingertips. Our clear and easy to use battery monitor makes it simple to keep an eye on battery performance and configure your appliances.

For even greater freedom, you can install the Victron Connect app on your smartphone, giving you access to all of the features of the battery monitor, no matter where you are. Freedom, control and peace of mind, all at the click of a button.

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The Victron Connect smart energy monitoring kit

Victron Inverter

The Phoenix Inverter from Victron Energy is a key part of your power system for remote, off-grid travels. These produce a reliable and perfect sinewave and have already proved popular in the marine and motorhome industries.

With a substantial surge ability, you can sure to be kept moving wherever your adventures take you when you team up lithium iron batteries with a Phoenix Inverter.

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The Victron Connect smart energy monitoring kit

Battery charger

Battery-to-battery chargers from Ablemail Electronics are designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for demanding environments, such as the marine and leisure industries.

That means you can travel in confidence knowing your battery charger is going to keep you topped up and moving. These battery chargers are available to charge both 12V and 24V auxiliary/leisure batteries.

The Victron Connect smart energy monitoring kit

All products are available as both retro or dealer fit. Please click here for our list of accredited dealers, or alternatively ask your dealer about Transporter Energy.

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