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Yacht moored up at a marina Yacht moored at marina

Set sail with sustainable energy



Being out at sea doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. Modern marine boats are packed with appliances that all need power. Transporter Energy marine batteries seamlessly integrate with solar panels to store energy for when you need it, greatly reducing generator run time and improving overall boat power.

If you have any doubts about your boat battery capacity, size, compatibility or more, please contact us or call on 01159 303 140. Transporter Energy will not take responsibility for our marine batteries being ordered and turning out incompatible.

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British Marine

This is not the place to run out of power



Our new Lithium batteries provide enough power to run everything on the boat and eliminate gas.

Couple this with solar or wind gen and you have limitless Free Green Energy!

No more gas checks

Gas is a dangerous flammable fossil fuel! Reduce risks and your carbon footprint whilst saving money with this green technology.

Going electric isn't just more convenient and cheaper, it's safer too eliminating the risk of fire or explosions and potentially toxic fumes. Meaning you'll be able to put all your energy into enjoying the moment and seeing the world.

Don't forget

Carbon monoxide can't be seen, smelt or heard. Stay safe and choose Transporter Energy power.

SV Delos, powering the gas free dream

SV Delos is a world famous sailing boat which we have recently installed 8 Transporter Energy 100ah lithium deep cycle batteries on board as a drop in for the old lead acid batteries.

These new Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 batteries also allowed for an induction hob to be fitted which in turn keeps the gallery cooler during cooking as there is less wasted heat compared to a propane stove.

SV Delos is the first sailing boat to eliminate all gas by using Transporter Energy's Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 batteries. We completed a full gas to electric installation including a lithium bank, induction hob and fitted electric BBQ. They are loving it!

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Reduce your generator time by 50%

Reduce your generator usage time and have reduced noise, gas or fumes. Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 marine batteries can discharge almost 100% of their power without suffering any loss of efficiency, giving you up to 50% more usable power than a traditional boat battery and saving you money on fuel. With less generating time, there is reduced noise and less time spent charging, meaning more time doing things you love.

Transporter Energy deep cycle boat batteries will still be going strong even after years of constant use. They retain up to 80% of their rated capacity - even after 5000 cycles that’s a life of around 13 years.

Fully Electric Powered Boats and Yachts

are now a reality.

Power up with Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 batteries

Powerful, cost effective and efficient, Transporter Energy batteries are portable and up to 60% lighter than lead acid batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 batteries are ideal for a wide range of leisure applications and when used in conjunction with solar panels they can provide a virtually limitless source of green energy.

The Transporter Energy System has been designed to help you get even more from your battery by combining a range of energy efficient appliances to make your next camping trip more luxurious than ever.

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Our Transporter Energy lithium-iron battery

Six reasons to go 100% electric

With These Powerful Batteries

No more gas checks!

Save time and money – with no gas appliances on board there’s no need to worry about safety checks and certification.

Breathe easy

No more worries about dangerous carbon monoxide; when you go electric you can relax as there are no dangerous fumes.

Safer sailing

Going electric removes the risk of fire, explosions and potentially toxic fume, making your voyages safer for everyone.

Banish the breezes

Are draughty vents giving you nippy toes? With a fully electric system, there’s no need for vents, meaning no more breezes.

Knowledge is power

Accurate energy readings from our battery monitor take the guesswork out of managing your power, so you can relax and stay in control.

Longer lifecycle

Our batteries last up to 10 times longer than lead acid, giving you peace of mind and saving time and money on maintenance and replacements.

Transporter Energy powers arctic expeditions

When your life literally depends on your equipment, you have to choose the most reliable option.

No one knows that better than David Scott Cowper – the renowned British yachtsman who was the first man to sail solo around the world in both directions and was also the first to successfully sail around the world via the Northwest Passage single-handed.

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Arctic expedition

SV Delos goes lithium using our revolutionary 100% gas free system

See for yourself how the crew of the SV Delos are experiencing life on the seas now that their sailing boat is fully equipped with Transporter Energy's Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 batteries.

These provide them with a virtually limitless supply of green energy; the perfect combination of the reliability that is essential out on the water, and environmental responsibility to limit their carbon footprint.

The battery

The future of power

Constructed to the highest possible standards to ensure excellence at every stage, Transporter Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate LifeP04 batteries are at the forefront of the new wave of battery technology.

Lighter, more efficient, better value for money and more environmentally friendly than traditional lead acid batteries, these flexible batteries can be used for a range of applications on both land and sea. Discover more about the future of power.

Powerful, cost effective and efficient