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Greener energy to keep you out of the rough


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Lithium-ion batteries are the perfect partner for that vital course accessory, the golf cart. They’re a standard size and connect to existing wiring, they’re lighter than lead acid batteries and they will power the buggy for up to four times longer, creating perfect power performance on the fairway.

Last longer

Our batteries have four times the power output of lead or gel batteries. They can hold their charge for up to a year and don’t need any maintenance once fitted. Not only that but they can be charged in a fraction of the time of traditional batteries. All of which means more time on the green (or at the 19th hole).

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Guaranteed for ten years

Reliable batteries reduce time and money spent on maintenance and keep your buggies ready for use.

Top quality manufacturing processes and materials combined with rigorous testing enable us to create a durable and resilient battery. Even though we’re sure you’ll never need it, Transporter Energy gives you a market leading 10 year warranty which covers the battery for any manufacturing defects for up to 10 years, or 5000 cycles at 80% discharge, whichever is sooner.

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Lithium-ion batteries advantages Lithium-ion batteries advantages
lead agm batteries disadvantages lead agm batteries disadvantages
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