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festivals and exhibitions

Greener, Silent Power on a Large Scale

Festivals and Exhibitions

Powerful Performance

Holding a large scale event such as a show, exhibition or festival will inevitably require large amounts of power and generators. But this does not mean that the power generated cannot be green. Transporter Energy’s lithium iron phosphate batteries can help you to reduce carbon emissions, provide a strong green message to audiences and sponsors, and reduce noise and fuel costs. This is done by reducing fuel consumption improving sustainability, cutting your carbon footprint with no diesel needed, reducing noise or fumes and relying more on areas of sustainable energy resources, such as solar or wind power.

Silent Festival Solutions

Power has significant implications for the practical, economic and environmental success of any large event or festival. With rising fuel costs and an increasing awareness of sustainability, more and more companies and corporations are looking to greener solutions for their events. Large generators which are noisy and consume large amounts of power for short intervals, can be now replaced by lithium iron phosphate batteries such as those sold by Transporter Energy. Transporter Energy’s lithium iron phosphate batteries benefit from being able to connect to solar panels and provide extended periods of usage with limited noise, and overheating. These portable solutions are silent, green and re-chargeable, meaning you can run Transporter Energy’s lithium iron phosphate batteries to power numerous applications such as, flat TV screens, monitors, or sound systems to name but a few.

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Power When You Need it Most

The needs of a festival or exhibition, either outdoors or inside are considerable. From making sure TV screen or interactive multimedia systems are maintained for lengthy periods of time, to ensuring lighting is on consistently for safety, communications systems continue to function and water is distributed via pumps, the needs for a festival are endless. Transporter Energy is here to support you in all of your endeavours whatever the scale with eco-friendly lithium iron phosphate batteries. Unlike generators which can suffer from peak usage cut-outs or power failures, lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantage of being able to connect to solar power and as such ensure continuity of power for critical services. To find out more about how we can help you why not visit our Bose case study and see how we helped out at their festival.

display screen, events