Yachts moored up at a marina

The power to keep moving forward


Amazing power; limitless possibilities

Lithium-ion batteries combine power and performance with great versatility. These safe, fully sealed units are maintenance free and can provide up to 4 times the power of a lead acid battery at just a fraction of the weight. Discover just a few of the potential uses for the next generation of mobile power supply.

A woman relaxing next to her motorhome

Mobile leisure homes

Caravans, campervans and motorhomes of all shapes and sizes need an ever-increasing amount of power to supply all the appliances on board. In a confined space safety, weight and power are all equally important and Transporter Energy batteries deliver on all fronts. Enjoy comfort and convenience wherever your travels take you.

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A yacht leaving the deep-blue waters of a marina


When you’re out on the water, every inch of space and every kilo of weight matters. Lithium-ion batteries provide amazing performance in a light, compact package that is simple and safe to use. The risks associated with gas, such as fire, explosion and toxic fumes are removed, leaving you free to enjoy your voyages.

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A shelf of servers in a data centre

Power backups

You can’t afford for critical equipment to fail during a power cut. Because lithium-ion batteries are maintenance free and can hold their power for up to a year without discharge, they are ready to go when you need them most. Our reliable system can be scaled to meet even the most demanding needs, keeping you going when the grid can’t.

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Freedom to travel further

Golf carts

With longer between charges, and no energy discharge, Transporter Energy batteries keep your golf carts on the green for longer, not sitting in the garage awaiting maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries are simple to connect and much lighter too, making them a quick and easy replacement for existing lead acid batteries.

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A line of golf buggies

Energy storage

To make the most from green energy sources such as solar PV panels, you need a reliable and efficient energy storage option to ensure that the power generated is not lost or wasted. Our system can be fitted to new or existing installations and provide a sustainable storage solution.

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Solar panels on a roof

Emergency services

When keeping your equipment running is literally a matter of life and death, reliability is essential. Our lithium-ion batteries are manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure they are resilient and durable enough to meet the demanding expectations of the emergency services.

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Emergency services attendants pushing a patient to their ambulance

More applications

Wherever you need safe, lightweight and powerful mobile energy, Transporter Energy batteries are an efficient and cost-effective option. Suitable for a huge range of applications, they give you the freedom to live and work wherever you like. Find out more about the possible uses for these versatile batteries.

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A modern horsebox vehicle
A solar and wind farm

Why go lithium?

  • Last up to 15 years
  • 60% lighter than standard batteries
  • 2x the power of regular batteries
  • 95% recyclable
  • Cheaper than lead batteries over 15 years
  • 90% charge after 1 year of no use

Power anywhere

The battery

The future of power

Constructed to the highest possible standards to ensure excellence at every stage, Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries are at the forefront of the new wave of battery technology.

Lighter, more efficient, better value for money and more environmentally friendly than traditional lead acid batteries, these flexible batteries can be used for a range of applications on both land and sea. Discover more about the future of power.

The System

all electric gas free living

Get the most from your lithium-ion battery; the Transporter Energy System enables fully off-grid living in your motorhome. It includes an induction hob and grill, fridge, microwave and 110v sockets for all your other travel essentials and can run for up to 5 days without charging.

The system is the safest solution for life on the road, removing the risk of fires, explosions or leaks that can be associated with gas; happy holidays all round!

Mobile app

Stay in control wherever you are

Power in the palm of your hand. You can keep track of all aspects of your battery usage and status from the Victron Connect mobile app. From charge level and load status to battery temperature, voltage and AC output, everything you need is right at your fingertips, even when you're away from your vehicle.

Greener energy

Non-toxic renewable energy system

Transporter Energy batteries contain no harmful and polluting lead or acid; that means that they are cleaner to make and safer to use. Used in conjunction with solar panels they provide a clean and green energy source wherever you travel.

With a life-span of up to 10 times longer than a lead acid battery, there is far less waste and at the end of their life 95% of all the components of a lithium-ion battery can be recycled.