Stay out there for longer

With Lithium-ion batteries for limitless green energy

Two of our Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries


Weight saving

Over 62% lighter than 2 leading lead acid batteries.


Longer power

Compared to 2 leading lead acid batteries.

The only CE approved battery available in the UK and Europe

*vs. leading lead acid 100ah batteries used in an Auto-Trail Apache 632 battery performance test. Results may vary by leisure vehicle, appliance and usage pattern.

Six fast facts

about Transporter Energy batteries

Plug in and go

Keep things simple; simply connect to your standard battery cables and you're ready to go.

CE certified

Constructed to the highest standards; approved to meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Faster charging

Don't waste time; Transporter Energy batteries can be charged up to 5 times faster than lead acid batteries.

10 year warranty

Complete peace of mind guaranteed with our industry leading ten year warranty.

100% power use

Get more from every charge; our lithium-ion batteries can safely use 100% of the rated capacity.

Intelligent manager

Built-in battery protection against voltage flux, excessive currents and high temperatures.

Off grid power for longer

Six more impressive facts

about Transporter Energy batteries

Easy switch-out

Power your passions; simple connections make it easy to switch your battery between applications.

Over 60% lighter

Save on weight to improve your fuel economy, or better still pack a few more luxuries for your holiday.

Modular power-up

Boost your battery power; connect in series or parallel to meet all your energy needs.

Standard size

The perfect fit; Transporter Energy batteries are a standard size to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Over 75% cheaper

The superior lifespan and efficiency of lithium-ion offers amazing savings compared to lead acid batteries.

USA made

Constructed to the highest standards in the USA to ensure exceptional quality and performance.

A man holding what appears to be a ball of energy

Limitless green energy

When paired with solar panels Transporter Energy batteries have the potential to help you create virtually limitless green energy. Whether you are in a remote location or want to improve your carbon footprint, lithium-ion storage is an efficient, maintenance free way to harness the power of the sun and create a greener future.

An aeroplane equipped with our Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries

It's so safe,
it's approved to fly

Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries are safe enough to be transported by plane; that means they conform to the highest possible standards.

Intertek is a leading global quality assurance provider. It has rigorously tested and inspected our products, and certified that they meet the most demanding safety standards. In fact, Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries are the only make to have passed Intertek’s highest assessment on the first attempt.

A solar and wind farm

Why go lithium?

  • Last up to 15 years
  • 60% lighter than standard batteries
  • 2x the power of regular batteries
  • 95% recyclable
  • Cheaper than lead batteries over 15 years
  • 90% charge after 1 year of no use
sv delos sail

SV Delos, powering the gas free dream

SV Delos is a world famous sailing boat which we have recently installed 8 Transporter Energy 100ah lithium deep cycle batteries on board as a drop in for the old lead acid batteries.

These new lithium ion batteries also allowed for an induction hob to be fitted which in turn keeps the gallery cooler during cooking as there is less wasted heat compared to a propane stove.

SV Delos is the first sailing boat to eliminate all gas by using Transporter Energy's lithium-ion batteries. We completed a full gas to electric installation including a lithium bank, induction hob and fitted electric BBQ. They are loving it!

Find out more

Full specification

Capacity, current and charge; all you need to know

Power anywhere

The battery

The future of power

Constructed to the highest possible standards to ensure excellence at every stage, Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries are at the forefront of the new wave of battery technology.

Lighter, more efficient, better value for money and more environmentally friendly than traditional lead acid batteries, these flexible batteries can be used for a range of applications on both land and sea. Discover more about the future of power.

The System

all electric gas free living

Get the most from your lithium-ion battery; the Transporter Energy System enables fully off-grid living in your motorhome. It includes an induction hob and grill, fridge, microwave and 110v sockets for all your other travel essentials and can run for up to 5 days without charging.

The system is the safest solution for life on the road, removing the risk of fires, explosions or leaks that can be associated with gas; happy holidays all round!

Mobile app

Stay in control wherever you are

Power in the palm of your hand. You can keep track of all aspects of your battery usage and status from the Victron Connect mobile app. From charge level and load status to battery temperature, voltage and AC output, everything you need is right at your fingertips, even when you're away from your vehicle.

Greener energy

Non-toxic renewable energy system

Transporter Energy batteries contain no harmful and polluting lead or acid; that means that they are cleaner to make and safer to use. Used in conjunction with solar panels they provide a clean and green energy source wherever you travel.

With a life-span of up to 10 times longer than a lead acid battery, there is far less waste and at the end of their life 95% of all the components of a lithium-ion battery can be recycled.